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Hampi art-site: a confluence of eras

Project Type: Cultural Architecture

Location: Hampi, Bellary District, Karnataka

Hampi art-site is a design-led research on how built spaces come together with the site as a form of “land art” to help artists express themselves better, help art, history and nature-lovers come together and recover and restore the heritage of Hampi and its intangible values, in a sustainable way through the language of contemporary art and architecture.

The objectives of this project were

i.         to help express the narrative of art as intended by the artist, in close collaboration with the artist.

ii.        to create a natural retreat for artists and art, history and nature lovers, making a meeting ground for them.

iii.      to mitigate any visual and environmental damage to the site by incorporating natural features of the site into the design.

iv.       to enhance the historic narrative of the site by strategically framing elements that may not have been noticed or understood so far.

v.        to represent it strategically as another important chapter in the on-going history of the site.

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