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La Fois 

Project Type: Rural School

Location: Haiti, SA

TIME AND NOSTALGIA. If a building can evoke the sense of time, it can evoke all other emotions. “Remember those times?” is a question we often ask ourselves when we take a boat-ride down the river of school memories.


Schools have always been a reflection of society’s stage of development. Flexibility in usage of classrooms offers the possibility of creating different learning arrangements to meet different needs. It can be achieved through better granularity of room sizes in combination with sophisticated time management. Clustering of spaces is delivered by dividing up the school space into a hierarchy of smaller clusters for complex team-building purposes. The common core; multipurpose spaces, OAT; is a melting pot for the school as whole. The idea of efficient connectivity helps time management and optimizes use of learning institutions.

Haiti lies in seismic activity belt, this rural school is designed with stable rectangles and circles made of stabilized pigmented rammed earth and extremely light roofing materials. The layout of this school has a huge impact on its usefulness during an emergency or a natural calamity. It can be used as a granary or a rehabilitation building, if need be.

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