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Sawan Residence




June 2023

Project type

interior design

ASSORTED ELEGANCE The Sawan Residence reimagines modern living within its expansive 3000sqft in Ranchi, Jharkhand. Designed for a renowned businessman and his family, this home is a testament to contemporary sophistication. Each space is a blend of youthful energy and refined design, with special attention to the bar room and office area. The bar room, a standout with its industrial luxury, showcases an inventive use of an old bike as the central feature of the bar unit, set against cement textured walls and complemented by skillfully refurbished furniture. This space is a celebration of luxury spirits and inventive design.

In the living room, a sense of welcoming comfort prevails, created by an eclectic array of pieces from Sage Living, House of Things, and Dtale Modern, alongside handcrafted furniture built on-site. The room exudes a happy, inviting vibe, making it a perfect gathering space.

The daughter’s bedroom bursts with creativity, adorned with playful lighting and vibrant colors, reflecting her lively spirit. In contrast, the master bedroom, hall, and dining area strike a perfect balance between luxury and modern style, embodying sophistication and a streamlined aesthetic.

The kitchen marries culinary functionality with architectural elegance, doubling as a testament to refined taste. The powder room is a capsule of chic design, featuring an artful combination of textures and colors. At the home's core is the zen garden in the foyer, a tranquil haven that offers an escape from the urban hustle.

The Sawan Residence is a harmonious blend of comfort and luxury, with every furnishing designed not just for visual pleasure but for an indulgent experience. This home is not just a living space; it's a vibrant expression of lifestyle, blending architectural mastery with personal style.

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