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8 Easy Steps to Help You Set Up a Functional Home Office

Working from home is here to stay even after the pandemic. Here are some tips for designing a productive and efficient home office.

It has been over a year since people found themselves in the middle of a pandemic. Work from home culture swept across the globe as many businesses locked their offices and shifted home.

The new normal wasn’t easy to integrate as homes started functioning as makeshift offices. Designing a home office that suited user needs became a prerequisite. Let’s take a look at a few easy steps to create a perfect space to serve your work needs.

  1. Identifying the needs- Office design differs from the nature of work. The first step is to recognize what is the need of your office. Will you be using it to work on your computer, or whether the work will be more paper-based. What kind of equipment would be used and whether there’s a need for multiple charger points near it.

source: anonymous from pinterest / DC

2. Finding a place- The next step is to designate a nook in your house that can accommodate all your needs. The location you decide should be free of distractions and give you privacy.

Placing your office in a dingy closet space will not work out in the long run. It will also depend on whether clients will be visiting you or if it’s a solo workstation.

source: Joshua McHugh

3. Choosing the Desk- The height is the key consideration while choosing a desk. You can go for a wall-mounted desk or a desk on wheels. The desktop should be at your eye level, while your arms should be parallel to the ground. If you bend your wrists while using the mouse for longer spans, it can be injurious. Apart from this, a desk should also have enough room to fit all the stationery requirements.

source: Vanessa Lentine

4. Ergonomic Chair- The perfect chair should give you a comfortable work experience. Since you would be spending hours on end in this space, choosing an ergonomic chair that maintains the correct posture is a must. The chair should fit properly with the height of the desk. Swivel chairs are an ideal choice as their height can be adjusted according to your needs.

source: Ngoc Minh Ngo

5. Accommodating Storage- Without storage, your home office may fall into disarray before you know it. To replace the office cabinets, you can go for trendy baskets to store stacks of files or paper. If you want all your items before your eyes, use file holders, wall-mounted shelves, or bulletin boards to keep important documents within reach.

source: Joshua McHugh

6. Lighting- Access to natural light is highly advisable in a home office. Apart from that, artificial lights are also needed. You must refrain from placing the lights near your computer as it may cause glare. A window, if placed opposite or near your desk, might also cause reflections on your screen. Use curtains to avoid this and ceiling lights to give indirect illumination.

source: Joshua McHugh

7. Personalize the space- Do not shy away from styling your home office. You can put picture frames, art, or any other souvenir that makes you happy. It is always good to feel inspired and motivated in the middle of hectic weeks. Another good option is a touch of nature. Adding small potted plants on shelves emanates tranquillity in the space.

source: Roger Davies

8. Organizing your stuff for a clutter-free space- The last step is to keep your space clutter-free. Your desk can become an abode to endless cords running to and from your devices. You can use a central cord hub, set permanently beneath the desk that can be well hidden in cord covers. You can easily plug in multiple devices while keeping the workspace neat.

source: anonymous from pinterest


Following these steps, you can create a pleasant environment for your work-from-home needs. A dull corner of the house can now successfully be converted into a productive and happy atmosphere. A home office with the right furniture, lighting and personal touch will help you slide into work effortlessly each day.

A healthy workplace is crucial for better productivity. Get in touch with us here if you need help with home-workplace renovation or design from scratch. We'll get back to you.

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