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8 Post-Covid Office Design Strategies to Increase Employee Productivity

Updated: Jul 1, 2021

We look at office design concepts that ensure well-being and provide comfort to the employees, thus positively impacting their productivity post-covid.

Offices are like a second home to people, as they spend a large chunk of their day in this space. Therefore, the mental impact it has on them is paramount. Office design is progressing towards being more user-centric, taking into account the welfare of its employees. Nowadays, designing a workplace is much more than just aesthetics. Here we have a list of interior design strategies that make working more pleasant.

1. Flexible planning and Open layouts

The conventional cubicle planning of offices is getting replaced by open floor plans throughout the world. The work structure is changing and with it, the design needs.

People now are taking a more collaborative approach in their work, thus creating a need for dynamic seating areas. Furniture that is lightweight and easily movable can be adjusted according to the user's needs and promote communication.

Source: Ana Mello

2. Biophilic elements and Nature

It is a well-known fact that being surrounded by nature eases the human mind, relieves stress, and brings happiness.

Incorporating biophilic design in office interiors through plants and wooden textures can help increase employee productivity to a great extent. The plants act as indoor air purifiers and enhance the mental well-being of people.

Source: Iwan Baan

3. Informal gathering spaces and multipurpose lounges

To break the monotony of the workplace, informal spaces are a must. These can be lounges where people can take a break, connect and relax. Comfort plays a part in boosting creativity, and the mind thinks more clearly after a short break.

Hence, space for people to unwind in the middle of a hectic day will surely increase their productivity.

Source: Jose Hevia

4. Ample natural light for all

Gone are the days when natural light was a luxury, owned by those higher on the food chain, residing in their corner offices. With the increased use of new planning strategies and transparent walls, every employee has access to outdoor views and daylighting. Working in artificial lights throughout the whole day lowers the quality of work and makes it essential to incorporate as much natural lighting as possible.

Source: Mika Huisman- Decopic

5. Glass as a medium of connectivity

Glass walls are very much in vogue owing to their sleek, contemporary look. These walls provide the much-needed transparency to office spaces while also having good acoustic properties.

Working in cubicles enveloped with glass walls also helps in doing away with the isolation that comes while working inside closed offices.

Source: Camila Cossio

6. The outdoor office

Working in pleasant weather amongst nature will not only increase productivity but also prove healthier for the employees. We are more mentally at peace when surrounded by nature, out in the open instead of closed rooms.

Many companies are opting for outdoor working spaces as a way of encouraging employees.

Source: Iwan Baan

7. Wayfinding

Many offices of the ’90s have a maze-like plan with a long array of hallways and doors at each step. Such floor plans can prove confusing to the employees, making it harder to adjust. Wayfinding is a practical design concept making it easier to navigate through a multi-functional space. This concept is not merely a need but also adds to the aesthetics of the building.

Source: Aleks Yanchenkov

8. Colors that affect the psychology

It is no secret that colors have a prominent influence on human psychology. Different colors have the power to evoke different emotions. People are known to steer clear of bold colors in large areas. Therefore, bold colors used as accents have gained a ton of popularity. Pops of colors add vibrance and a playful persona to any space.

Source: Alexander Bogorodskiy


These are just some ways how design affects human psychology. Organizations are becoming more and more aware of the importance of creating user-friendly spaces. You can take a look at the must-have office furniture options here.

A great working environment is achieved by the people. Hence it is apparent that catering to the needs of the employee will yield a more profitable result.

A healthy, vibrant and functional workplace is crucial for better productivity.

Get in touch with us here if you need help with workplace renovation or design from scratch. We'll get back to you.

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