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9 Important Design Tips When Starting Your Restaurant

Below are some vital design tips that will assuredly help you attract more customers and make them return.

Designing a restaurant is a multi-faceted process. To implement your vision onto the ground, you need to work on many different aspects of design. Only then, can you carve out a unique identity and gain loyal customers. From figuring out the concept to taking care of the problem areas in the layout, it is a lengthy process, but one that yields fruitful results. Let’s take a look at some of the most important design parameters.

1. Have a clear picture of the Concept - It becomes easier to go forward with the design once you have an idea of the basic objectives. Who will be the target customers, what kind of eatery will it be and what cuisine will you cater will help in deciding the perfect decor for the restaurant. You can choose from several themes and concepts to develop the design further.

Pic Credit: Tate Dining Room

2. Go dramatic with the Entrance - First impressions are of great importance. A welcoming entrance will always help in inviting more customers and piquing interest in the public. It is always favorable to go bold and dramatic with the entrance as it helps in setting the vibe of the space. An exquisite design and easy-to-read text from afar will help boost sales.

Pic Credit: Arvind Hoon

3. The Layout is significant - As discussed in detail in our previous blog "Restaurant Design 101: How to plan an effective layout?", effective layout and seating are the needs when thinking of the design of a restaurant. The layout varies with the theme. If you want to create a cozy space, put tables close together, whereas spacious seating goes with a luxurious atmosphere. There must be ample space for the movement of guests and staff without any discomfort.

Pic Credit: Tarini Sood

4. Lighting enhances the atmosphere - Lighting can lift the overall ambiance of a space. To create a fine dining experience, the lighting will be subtle and dim, however fast food or casual restaurants will have bright pendant lights. Lighting can highlight key areas, accentuate furniture and create an impact on the customer.

Pic Credit: Furnishing International

5. Colors colors colors! - We are aware of the fact that different colors have a different impact on the human mind. Therefore, choosing the right colors for your restaurant’s theme is crucial. It is known that warm colors tend to make a person feel more hungry in comparison to the shades of blue. Choosing a color also depends on the restaurant concept and the general feel you are going for.

Pic Credit: Posist

6. Don’t forget the Heating and Ventilation - Another factor that contributes to the experience of a customer is the heating and ventilation inside a space. It is particularly essential to direct the unwanted kitchen smell away from the seating spaces. The restaurant should be warm during chilly winter days evenings and well cooled during hot summer days.

Pic Credit: Nosh and Chow

7. Design should reflect in the Restrooms - While designing, people tend to overlook the interiors of the restrooms. This often neglected section tends to leave an impression on the visitor’s mind. Therefore, washrooms should be well designed, clean at all times, and must have a pleasant smell. To go the extra mile, you can use wallpapers or provide complimentary toiletries for a pleasing restroom experience.

Pic Credit: Pinterest

8. Consider the Problem areas - Problem areas comprise spaces where a customer would not want to sit. Overlooking the restrooms or near the swing doors of the kitchen or even by the main entrance are some areas prone to traffic. Customers who wish for privacy would refrain from sitting in such areas. Hence, effective furniture layouts or constructing partition walls where necessary can be helpful.

Pic Credit: Architectural Digest

9. Use Music and Aroma to craft an experience - Indulging both the senses of sound and smell is always a plus point when it comes to attracting customers. Fashion an aroma that is comforting as soon as one steps in. Pleasant music that does not overpower conversations will help in setting the mood. You can use ambient sounds to intrigue the people passing by.

Pic Credit: Eirinn Gragson

Key Takeaway

Designing a restaurant is not only about working on the decor of the space. As mentioned above, numerous factors help create a comfortable user experience. If implemented effectively, these design tips can elevate the mood of a restaurant and prove to be advantageous.

If you need help with designing your restaurant, email us at or leave us a message here. We'll be happy to help you out.

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