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12 Different Types of Restaurant Concepts: A complete guide

Below are some of the most common types of eateries you see around town and how they differ from one another.

1. Fine-Dining- High-end meal experience is the highlight of a fine dining restaurant. It is also characterized by linen napkins, a formal dress code, and an elegant atmosphere. Lighting is often subtle, leaning towards dim. Chefs are professionally trained, and the service staff follows certain etiquette.

Picture Credit : Lauren Jayne Design

2. Pop-Up Restaurant- Temporary restaurants or bars that open for a few months comprise the pop-up restaurant category. They generally have a niche or concept and allow chefs to experiment. They are usually opened to test whether a concept works in a particular location and after success, may progress towards more permanent establishments.

Picture Credit: Big Hospitality

3. Cafes- Cafes are the ideal go-to for that daily dose of caffeine. Cafes offer cozy seating that may not be suitable for lunch but work well for catching up with friends or formal meet-ups. They provide a wide variety of coffee, tea, and beverages along with pastries and desserts.

Picture Credit: Impecca Build

4. Family Dining- This type of restaurant is more casual in comparison to fine dining and caters to families, children, or a friend group. The interiors have a relaxing vibe. Instead of service from staff members, food is brought on big shareable platters and passed around the table.

Pic Credit: Bernard Andre

5. Bakeries- Bakeries are small establishments with baked goods and pastries showcased in glass freezers to attract customers. Generally, bakeries sport neutral decor, small furniture, and intimate seating. Packaged baked goods are also displayed.

Pic Credit: Retail Design Blog

6. Bars/Clubs- Bars and clubs have evolved from their old format of serving just beer and other alcoholic drinks to provide full course meals and high-class seating. Now, they have a social setting that brings people together coupled with sports, indoor games like darts and pool, or live music.

Pic Credit: Virtu

7. Food Trucks- A restaurant on wheels, food trucks are mobile eateries that station themselves outside busy urban areas like workplaces or fairs to provide fast service. The menu revolves around a distinct type of cuisine close to fast food with limited options. Sometimes, they may layout a small seating space around it.

source: lechlade festival

8. Fast Food Restaurants- Fast food chains like Burger King and McDonald's have been around for decades, making them in demand. Their quick service, cheap rates, and ready-to-go meals make them an attractive option for the public. Food is delivered through counter service or drive-thru windows.

Pic Credit: Dezeen

9. Restaurants with Live Performances- Live performances are a great way to boost business as they attract a good deal of customers on days when traffic is low. Open mic nights or live music are usual practices. Many restaurants advertise these events on social media platforms and successfully gain loyal customers.

Pic Credit: Harper’s Bazaar

10. Themed Restaurants- Some restaurants are based on a particular theme to attract the public. They are unique in their decor, architecture, furniture, and design to create memorable experiences. Themes vary from a period in history to Hollywood to characters from comics, books, and tv shows that are fan favorites.

Pic Credit: Ill Minster

11. Live Kitchen- Live cooking is a part of culinary art that involves chefs cooking in front of the customers, interacting with them, and serving them. Live kitchens allow the chefs to showcase their skills in front of an audience and create a more social environment.

Pic Credit: Photographix

12. Bistros- Bistros originated in France as a moderately priced informal setting providing fulfilling meals. Although, after the format reached different countries, it evolved into a finer eatery having classy decor, quality foods, and small seating areas. Bistros provide multiple course meals in an upscale environment.

Pic Credit: Pinterest

Final Word

Apart from these, many new restaurant concepts have sprung up allowing guests to enjoy food with various forms of entertainment. Many times restaurant owners create an overlap of different styles to best suit their target audience. Hence, fast food chains are getting a fancy makeover now, fine dining is getting more relaxed and food trucks are becoming a street speciality.

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