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Easy Design Ideas to Help Work from Home Moms

Work-from-home moms have it tougher than the rest when it comes to work-life balance. Check out a few design ideas that will surely help optimize productivity.

  • Locating your workstation

The first step that’ll help your working from the home journey is selecting the right place for your office as well as for your children. If you have toddlers who need feeding every hour, keeping the office near to the kitchen as well as their room will save a lot of time.

If your kids are older, energetic, and possibly loud, you need to locate your office as far away as possible. If you need the kids to be in your sight at all times, choose an open area where they can simultaneously have a play or study area.

If it is convenient, the dining table can be used as a workspace to have simultaneous control over the kitchen and kids along with work. With the reduced need for guest rooms, they can be successfully converted into functional home offices.

source: unsplash

  • Keeping necessary items handy and setting up storage to avoid clutter

With all the activities like working, studying, and playing shifting home, your home can start resembling an amalgamation of papers, toys, clothes, and stationery before your week begins. The clutter reduces productivity and creates instability.

It is much more immersive to work in an organized space that gives you mental peace. Since there’s an absence of office cabinets and school lockers, you need to set up creative storage options that all members should keep their stationery in.

Source: Tim Young

  • Do not blur the line between work and home with a separate relaxation area

It has been a year of work from home, and the frequency of burnout has increased exponentially. Especially when people have hectic weeks, they tend to work from their bedroom or couch instead of a dedicated workspace. To feel the comfort of the bed, they combine their sleep and workspaces. It does not bode well as it disturbs your sleep and gives a feeling of work extending all day. It is crucial to keep the work to a particular area, preferably not in the bedroom. This way, you can relax effectively.

Source: Tim Tattersal

  • Minimizing Interruptions

Everyone knows how it feels when they’re in the middle of an important meeting and their child unknowingly busts into the room. This common problem can be solved with the help of visual indicators. You can get placards or magnets to hang on your home office door that may indicate if you’re available or in a call. If you have younger children, it may take some time to adjust but it surely bears fruitful results.

source: arcamax

  • Study and play areas for kids

Just as adults need to keep their workspace to a dedicated area, it is equally important for kids to do the same. You can not expect a child to sleep, play and study in the same room throughout the day. You can create play zones in unused rooms to cater to this need. The living room, with the absence of visiting guests, can be turned into a leisure area. Family time is of the utmost value and can be spent in these areas as a respite from work.

Source: Len's Decor

  • Organizing schedules with a combined calendar

The pandemic has made working moms step into the roles of a mother, an employee, and a teacher all at once. It can get fussy keeping track of your schedules while planning activities for your children. To keep the confusion at bay, large wall calendars or bulletin boards can come in handy. You can map out the tasks of an entire week in advance. Not only will this keep you focussed but also reduce the time spent on thinking about the next step every moment.

Source: anonymous from pinterest

These design ideas may sum up to a huge impact overall. It is very challenging to work from home, especially with children around. Working moms have to juggle many roles. From taking care of their little ones to advancing in their careers, it is a path beset with hurdles. The new normal continues to change how we live, but with the help of easy design approaches, we can ease our way and have a comfortable lifestyle.

A healthy workplace is crucial for better productivity. Get in touch with us here if you need help with home-workplace renovation or design from scratch. We'll get back to you.

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