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Major Interior Design Trends Taking Over 2021

Design is an ever-evolving field with the winds of change bringing new fads each year. The pandemic has also impacted the world as a whole in different aspects, interior design being one of many. We take a look at which interior design trends are here to stay for the remainder of 2021.

Integrating Nature // source: Hey Cheese!
Integrating Nature // source: Monika Sathe Photography

1. Integrating Nature - The pandemic has made it difficult for most of us to access green environments. In this climate, incorporating house plants adds a refreshing character to any space. More and more people are going for balcony gardens, using wood textures and stone patterns in their residence. Small planters are finding their way onto center tables, void corners, or vertical gardens. The greens are here to stay!

Earthy Neutral Tones // source: HDP Photography
Earthy Neutral Tones // source: Jonathan Leijonhufvud

2. Earthy Neutral Tones - It is a known fact that neutral colors emanate a sense of peace in any space. In an era where everyone is cornered into their homes, warm and cozy spaces are the need of the hour. Organic materials like leather, jute, cane, and fibers have an earthy appearance. These subdued hues bring versatility in furniture pieces, flooring, and wall shades, rendering it a classic and cohesive look.

Vintage Minimalism // Source - Ibrahim Ozbunar
Vintage Minimalism // Source - Ibrahim Ozbunar

3. Vintage Minimalism- Anything from antiquity and rustic textures to metallic accents, screams vintage. This year will see a revival of the 60s and 80’s vintage interior style fitting perfectly with the modern contemporary. Vintage mirror frames, metallic lights, dishes, and brass vases are a few examples of classic decor. Furniture items like dining tables with marble bases can be used as accent pieces. These elements can be used without overcrowding the space, coupled with wooden floors, natural ceilings, and monochrome walls.

Eco-friendly and Sustainable Interiors // Source - Annabelle Kutucu
Eco-friendly and Sustainable Interiors // Source - Arkstudio

4. Eco-friendly and sustainable materials - It is true that interior design can have an impact on our future. Many people are becoming aware of the usage of eco-friendly materials that reduce carbon emissions. The repurposed decor is going to remain a staple for the upcoming years. The use of recycled glass on tabletops or non-toxic paints on walls is a great starting point. Materials like cotton, jute, or rattan are a few sustainable options that also create a warm look.

Blues and Greens // Source: Insplosion
Blues and Greens // Source: hudsonvalleylighting

5. Blues and Greens- Poppy, cheerful colors are dominating 2021 for their bold impression. Indigo and green hues bring calmness and enliven rooms. Accent walls, colorful upholstery, or eye-catching art pieces help in making any space exciting. Fiery palettes will be the go-to for adding personality to the households.

Indigenous Decor // Source: Krsnaa Mehta
Indigenous Decor // Source: Kembhavi Architecture Foundation

6. Indigenous Decor - Traditional Indian crafts have been passed on from one generation to another, and best represent the culture of various places. This year, they have made their mark as a constant feature of interior designing in residences. Their diverse nature throughout the country instils an emotion of belongingness in a community. Murals, artefacts, paintings, and art pieces made of natural materials like wood, bamboo, or terracotta are the best examples. Incorporating these not only empowers artisanal communities but also is a source of livelihood for them.

Grandmillenial // Source: CR Laine
Grandmillenial // Source: Gucci

7. ‘Grandmillenial’ Vibe - This style is making a comeback in many living rooms in 2021. As the name suggests, the trend is a modern spin on a much more traditionalist approach to interiors. Be it floral wallpapers around the house juxtaposed with coordinated rugs or a pile of needlepoint pillows adorning the Victorian couch, this new style is equidistant between minimalism and maximalism. Patterns, textures, and ruffles partnered with modern elements bring a sense of reminiscence along with chic.

Curves // Source: Sergey Ananiev

Curves // Source: Reutov Dmitry

8. Curves- This year will also see the detour from clean straight lines in furniture designs. Due to the revival of the 80s, curves are very much back in vogue. Curvy sofas, round centre tables, and rugs create a more interesting space as they interact with the surrounding geometry. As opposed to straight lines, curves induce calmness and an informal quality to space. Apart from furniture, softness can be added via decor items like lampshades, cushions, and sculptures.

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