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Must Do’s for a Modern Living Room

The living room is the center of activity in any household. It is the very first space that makes an impression on the guests and the very last where the whole family comes together for the day.

Therefore, designing a living room that is not only comfortable and welcoming but also exudes a rich personality is important. A modern living room comes to life by interweaving different aspects suited to one’s needs and tastes. Let’s take a look at some of the most crucial ways of elevating your living room -

  • Functionality is foremost - Before deciding the decor for the space, ample thought should be given to the layout. A functional space catering to all kinds of needs will always be preferable to an aesthetic room lacking comfort. Hence, experiment with different seating options, tables, and storage units. Start by deciding what the primary use of the living space would be, whether it would be used for hosting parties and events or just as a cozy space to unwind.

photo credits: Alex James

  • The couch speaks volumes - Once the layout is final, the next focal point should be the couch. If you want minimal Scandinavian decor or an eclectic look, the sofa would be the cynosure of the space. The upholstery should be such that it compliments the surroundings. Invest in a good quality fabric that can bear daily usage and is durable enough to last long.

photo credits: Luca Nichetti

  • Bringing the exteriors in - It is a known fact that indoor plants enhance the living quality of any space. They provide an extra layer of solace to the room while enriching the decor style. You can also add a dash of nature to the living area by using nature-inspired prints on rugs, upholstery, and walls.

photo credits: all & nxthing

  • Go bold with colors - You can never go wrong with adding pops of color to a space. You can create a vibrant atmosphere using bright-colored furniture or go beyond by creating accent walls. Contrasting colors, when used meticulously, make the aesthetic come alive. Shades of green like teal, sea green, or hunter green work well, whereas mustard yellow and warm colors for the couch are also getting a lot of traction.

photo credits: future PLC

  • Don’t shy away from textures - Texture is very important because the living room should not only look good but also feel good. Use a lot of different textures in conjunction, such as wood, metal, and glass, to make the room more intriguing. Adding throw blankets and pillows on the couch and lounge chairs is another way of incorporating textures.

photo credits: future PLC

  • Invest in good lighting - Providing ample natural light should be the primary goal for lighting up a space. However, providing a mix of low and high ceiling lights can change the feel of a space. Add texture through lampshades or use an intricate pendant light as the focus of the room. Lighting can also be used as a statement piece to add a contemporary spin to the living room.

  • Accessorize - Decorating a space is much more than just filling empty slots. Unnecessary piling up clutter only increases stress levels. Go for an oversized lamp or a statement rug. You can create a gallery wall or use prints and patterns as wall decor. For achieving a modern, contemporary look, add a mirror to the wall or use sleek metallic decor items.

photo credits: futureCDN

  • Add a touch of glamour - A modern living room can exhibit a luxurious vibe. If you plan on using the space for hosting events, add glittering elements like a chandelier or antique signature decor pieces to impress your guests. Do not back away from flaunting the room by adopting a maximalist approach to design.

photo credits: decorilla

  • Mix different trends and styles - If you have a likeness for minimal decor combined with loud colors, go for it. Experimenting with different styles is a fun way of instilling your personality into the living space. You may combine rustic wood textures with an eclectic vibe or bring out the traditional decor pieces to add a touch of vintage to the area. You must however be strategic while choosing the pieces for a curated, modern look.

photo credits: douglas friedman

The living room is the center of activity in any household. A modern living room comes to life by interweaving different aspects suited to one’s needs and tastes. Hit like if you found this article helpful for your design and decor needs, or get in touch with us at to seek consultation.

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