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Three Innovative Workplace Design Projects in China by M Moser Associates

M Moser Associates is a design firm specializing in the field of workplace design. Their idea is to create a productive work environment based on how users interact with their office surroundings. Mapping out workplace behaviors helps in creating spaces that inspire people and in turn motivate them. Their areas of expertise include interiors, digital architecture, sustainable and collaborative design. Let’s take a look at some of their ground-breaking projects.

1. M Moser Office, Shenzhen

M Moser Office, Shenzhen. Source: Sean

M Moser Associates designed their Shenzhen workplace as a prototype for future workplaces to showcase the philosophy that governs their design concepts. Completed within a time of five months, the design approach taken included flexibility, mental wellbeing, collaboration, and autonomy.

Choosing a location was the first step. The office is located in Platinum Towers, near public transit, facilitating meetings and ease of access. To foster a healthy environment, touchless technology at the entrance and facial recognition systems have been installed. Double height windows let in natural height and provide a connection with the surrounding landscape, bringing a positive impact.

M Moser Office, Shenzhen. Source: Sean
M Moser Office, Shenzhen. Source: Sean
M Moser Office, Shenzhen. Source: Sean

Teaming up with the staff in the design process was another unique approach. Surveys were conducted along with an ‘Ambassador Program’ which helped in determining workplace behaviors further aiding design decisions.

A flexible environment was achieved through movable furniture. Ergonomics took a front seat with height-adjustable workstations and flexible layouts that proved efficient. A virtually advanced environment allowed employees to work from any office. The ‘wormhole’ is a virtual installation that connects offices around the world and is used to host meetings anytime.

2. Sense Time, Shanghai

Sense Time, Shanghai. Source: Seth Powers Photography

This AI company’s headquarters spans six floors and supports 1400 employees. M Moser Associates designed the interiors and provided wellness and sustainability services to create a high-performing smart building. Employee wellbeing and collaboration formed the crux of their design methodology.

After a thorough study of the company’s business model, spatial zoning was designed. Meeting rooms, exhibition spaces, and collaboration areas were located in the middle of the building to increase vertical connectivity. On the third floor, spaces were allocated for external visitors to maintain the privacy of the floors above. The building centers around an atrium that forms the social hub and adds visual connectivity between employees on various floors.

Flexibility is incorporated through open floor plans and informal staircase seating for recreation and lesser partitions. Adjustable furniture increases productivity allowing them to work as per needs. Glass walls used as partitions promote transparency and create a collaborative environment. The wellness of employees is taken care of by incorporating gyms, sleeping pods, and cafeteria.

Sense Time, Shanghai. Source: Seth Powers Photography
Sense Time, Shanghai. Source: Seth Powers Photography
Sense Time, Shanghai. Source: Seth Powers Photography

To meet the LEED standards, various sustainable steps have been taken. Interiors feature a natural color palette with low-carbon materials. Sense Time is a smart office with the latest technology, ranging from smart lock systems and facial recognition access to panels that help in the meeting room reservation.

3. Lilith Games, Shanghai

Lilith Games, Shanghai. Source - Seth Powers Photography, Vitus Lau

A 20,000 sq m office accommodating 1000 employees was designed for a leading game developer. With state-of-the-art amenities and a creatively rich environment, the design exudes inspiration and creativity. It draws its concept from nine art forms including architecture, video gaming, theatre, sculpture, and literature. To give an artistic touch to each floor, a statement installation has been done which also functions as a way-finding tool.

Art is expressed through furniture design as well. Greenery in conjunction with ergonomic workstations enhances the user experience. Once more, workplace behavioral studies have been used to strategize the flow of the space and create a user-centric design.

Lilith Games, Shanghai. Source - Seth Powers Photography, Vitus Lau
Lilith Games, Shanghai. Source - Seth Powers Photography, Vitus Lau
Lilith Games, Shanghai. Source - Seth Powers Photography, Vitus Lau

‘Tatami Areas’ are informal platforms with curtains for afternoon naps and lunches. These also work as social-collaborative spaces present on multiple floors. Dynamic workspace is formulated through thinking stations, collaborative booths, and meeting rooms.

A professional gym, cat room, music room, and many such facilities are provided, keeping in mind staff wellbeing. These areas help to de-stress and support Lilith’s enriching culture. An artistic two-floored cafe is another wellness-promoting example. It is an information hub that encourages public interaction and bonding with custom furniture, greenery, and lighting.


In this day and age, the design approach is veering towards being more user-centric. Effective workplaces can be conceived with set workplace strategies that convert any business aspirations into valuable design solutions.

M Moser Associates have implemented a collaborative design effort to create innovative, modern, and highly impactful workplace designs around the world. Their principles of sustainability, wellness, and advanced technology should be taken as a quintessential means to design innovative workplaces in the present day.

A great working environment is achieved by the people. Hence it is apparent that catering to the needs of the employee will yield a more profitable result.

A healthy, vibrant and functional workplace is crucial for better productivity.

Get in touch with us here if you need help with workplace renovation or design from scratch. We'll get back to you.

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