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Hi, I'm Tunisha Mehta, journeying from Tokyo to Barcelona has taught me the delicate art of listening to cities. I bring this humility and curiosity to every design, merging local traditions with global insights. As an architect, my aim is to create spaces that respect the environment and enrich our communities. Let’s make meaningful places together.

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Our Story

At altARQ, we believe that great design is a language spoken by all, not just a privilege for the few. Our journey began in 2019, born from a conviction that design is a deeply personal expression, unique to every individual. We blend this uniqueness with our core values of sustainability and practicality, making exceptional design accessible to everyone.


Our founder, Tunisha Mehta’s, international journey across Tokyo and Barcelona has profoundly influenced our understanding of the diverse narratives in design. This global exposure is woven into every project, enriching our perspective on architecture, interiors, landscapes, urbanism, and furniture. We specialise in creating spaces that reflect a deep understanding of different cultures and environments, offering a unique blend of global sensibilities and local relevance.


Our diverse portfolio includes working closely with private clients to bring their visions to life, as well as leading innovative urban government projects under our "altARQ Urban Lab." This division is dedicated to reimagining public spaces and infrastructures, pushing the boundaries of conventional urban design.


At altARQ, we're not just designing buildings; we're crafting experiences that resonate across different disciplines, catering to both individual aspirations and community needs.

I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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