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project medininagar

In Medininagar, Jharkhand, a comprehensive urban revitalization project is underway, encompassing Lata Mangeshkar Chowk, Women's College Road, and the Railway Overbridge area. Lata Mangeshkar Chowk is being transformed into a cultural hub with a Veena sculpture centerpiece, embodying the essence of Indian classical music. Women's College Road is evolving into an urban corridor, featuring artistic murals, shaded seating, and vibrant vendor stalls, enhancing the academic ambiance. The Railway Overbridge area bridges urban transit with community space, balancing artistic expression and practicality. This area is divided into playful, market, and seating zones, fostering diverse social interactions. Together, these spaces create a cohesive tapestry of culture, commerce, and community, revitalizing the city's urban landscape. Co-operative Chowk In Medininagar, Jharkhand, the bustling Co-operative Chowk undergoes a transformation to honor the legendary Indian singer, Lata Mangeshkar. Renamed Lata Mangeshkar Chowk, this urban space is being reimagined as a living tribute that weaves the rich tapestry of Indian classical music, dance, and culture into the everyday lives of passersby. Its design, an open-air museum of sorts, subtly educates and enriches pedestrians, with information seamlessly integrated into the environment. The centerpiece, a carefully poised Veena instrument on a pedestal, creates a vista that not only pays homage to the icon but also facilitates fluid pedestrian movement, avoiding congestion. Strategically designed pathways, 1800mm in width, diverge and converge, creating dynamic plazas that encourage gathering and interaction, serving as cultural oases amidst the city’s pace. These intermissions in the pedestrian flow are punctuated by seating areas, providing restful vistas. Buffer zones, 1200mm from the thoroughfare, are dedicated to planting, contributing to groundwater recharge and urban heat mitigation through calculated tree placement for shade. The Veena, the symbolic heart of the chowk, is accentuated by power grazers, ensuring this sculptural tribute is a beacon of culture both day and night. Additional bollards and lighting poles are strategically placed, ensuring that the chowk is a beacon of community and culture, a fitting tribute to the melody of Lata Mangeshkar’s life. A vibrant intervention connects to the Women's College area, featuring an open-air exhibition, interactive seating, and vendor stalls. The exhibition, with its angular concrete walls, captures attention near the road, enhancing pedestrian engagement. A minimum 1500mm walkway ensures a seamless flow. Tucked away, the seating area—either as urban furniture with greenery or simple masonry—offers a secluded reprieve, shaded and visually connected to potential murals and sculptures. The arrangement concludes with well-spaced vendor stalls, facilitating a conflict-free pedestrian experience. Women’s College Area The sidewalk along the Women's College area emerges as a meticulously crafted urban corridor. This final stretch of intervention is a testament to thoughtful urban design, weaving together seating nooks, vendor zones, and fluid pickup-dropoff points. The design navigates existing site features with finesse, curating pathways that create pocket spaces around infrastructure like transformers. At strategic junctures, the walkway seamlessly descends to meet the earth, enhancing accessibility while bypassing the need for raised crossways at smaller gateways. The scheme celebrates existing trees, integrating them into the pedestrian experience as shaded seating clusters. Artwork and murals punctuate the walls, inviting engagement. The space crescendos at college gate with a safety-minded raised crossway, slowing vehicular pace. The rhythm of movement here is calibrated, with pickup zones judiciously placed to ensure a smooth pedestrian flow, leading to an array of vendor stalls that inject vitality. The culmination of this urban promenade is marked by a harmonious blend of commerce and casual seating areas, all set against the backdrop of creative wall art, offering a final note of cultural resonance for this academic thoroughfare. Railway Overbridge Area Bridging the gap between urban transit and community space, the third intervention site near Co-Operative Chowk in Medininagar is a dual-natured design triumph. It's a space where the road meets the rhythm of the city, divided into two distinct areas: the bridge, which becomes a canvas for art and advertising, and the space beneath, morphing into a vibrant pedestrian hub. Acknowledging the site's potential, the bridge side walls are reserved for greenery and strategic advertisement placements—where visibility is highest near the chowk's bustling junctions and a petrol pump waiting area. The advertisements are envisioned not as overwhelming billboards but as interspersed strips between lush green walls, enhancing professionalism and intrigue. Pedestrian flows are thoughtfully redirected to avoid conflicts with vehicles, ensuring smooth transit beneath the bridge. Here, significant interventions unfold: accessible toilets, playful zones, markets, and ample seating transform this underbridge into a community-friendly enclave. The space is cleverly divided into three parts by the bridge's columns, creating distinct zones that foster varied social interactions. At the periphery, public toilets offer convenience, while seating areas are shielded from the road by a mini raised wall, maintaining a serene separation. A designated play area adapts to local demands, serving as either an indoor gaming zone or a children's playground. Adjacent to this, the market emerges as a simple, elevated platform—concrete and masonry providing a robust stage for vendors, flanked by seating for rest and negotiation. The columns mirror the bridge's aesthetic, with the corner columns adorned with white-marked artwork and the central column cloaked in a green wall, suggesting a sustainable ethos. While small advertisements may find their place here, the central columns are kept mostly pure, with art and advertisement reserved for the periphery, encapsulating the site's multifaceted purpose: a confluence of commerce, culture, and community.

Let's collaborate to redefine Medininagar as a smart city! At altARQ, we are embracing a multi-disciplinary approach to make significant contributions to the smart city initiative. We invite you to share your innovative ideas, suggestions, and explore collaboration opportunities with us. If you're passionate about urban development and have concepts that can help transform Medininagar, reach out and join our efforts. Please email us your proposals and inquiries at

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