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Kay's Art Cafe

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July 2021


Patna, India

ART CONVERGENCE Kay’s Art Cafe is proposed as a modern-day sanctuary, poised atop the iconic twin towers of Gandhi Maidan, Patna. This 3200 sqft marvel isn’t just a cafe, it’s an experience. As you step in, be ready to be swept away by the panoramic vistas of the historic Gandhi Maidan, the serene River Ganga, and Patna’s architectural jewels - the Biscomaun and the convention centre.

But the grandeur doesn’t stop at the view. Inside, the cafe’s interiors harmoniously marry functional design with artistic brilliance. While the ambiance sets the stage for a memorable culinary journey, the walls adorned with the works of contemporary local artists serve as a testament to Patna’s burgeoning art scene. Each art piece, handpicked and displayed, is not only a visual treat but is also available for purchase, allowing patrons to take home a piece of Patna’s modern cultural renaissance.

Conceived by a leading Hospitality Company, Kay’s Art Cafe isn’t merely a commercial venture. It’s a tribute to art, an ode to Patna’s evolving skyline, and a strategic move to elevate the footfall for the existing hotel and restaurant nestled below. With every sip and bite, while gazing out at the sprawling cityscape, patrons don’t just enjoy a meal; they engage in a multisensory experience, blending the pleasures of fine dining with the thrill of art discovery. Architecture, Gastronomy, and Art converge at Kay’s Art Cafe.

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