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Nalanda Temple Complex

Project type

architecture, urban design


April 2022


Nalanda, Bihar

The Nalanda Temple Project, envisioned by a Union Cabinet Minister, stands as a remarkable fusion of spiritual sanctuary and eco-tourism destination spread over 12 acres in Bihar. Centered around a serene pond, this 40,000 sqft triad complex dedicates its space to temples for Lord Ram, Devi, and Sai Baba, each designed to foster a profound sense of reverence and community.

The architecture showcases an honest materiality, prominently featuring lime plaster and Jaipur sandstone, chosen for their natural beauty and durability. These materials are meticulously crafted using traditional stone masonry techniques, complemented by monolithic deity idols that anchor the sacred atmosphere of the temples.

Designed with a contemporary yet traditional aesthetic, the project prioritizes public place design and inclusivity, ensuring accessibility and comfort for all visitors. The thoughtful arrangement of spaces—from landscaped gardens to contemplative walkways around the central pond—encourages both reflection and communal interaction.

The Nalanda Temple Project not only respects but also revitalizes the cultural heritage of the region, making it a destination that blends spiritual fulfillment with environmental consciousness, serving as a beacon of cultural and ecological stewardship in Nalanda.

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