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Ranjan Residence




August 2022

Project type

interior design

The Ranjan Residence in Ranchi, Jharkhand, epitomizes a luxurious blend of classic and contemporary design across its 3000 sqft space. The interior showcases a harmonious interplay of materials and textures, highlighted by the foyer's minimalist yet classic approach against a wooden backdrop, featuring pristine marble floors and golden vases that add a splash of opulence. The living spaces embrace a serene palette, with wooden accents, matte cabinetry, and sculptural bronze elements enhancing the aesthetic richness. The home office is particularly distinguished, tailored for a legal professional with dark wood paneling, a glass-topped desk, and strategically placed lighting that highlights both functionality and sophistication.

Each room within the residence reflects a thoughtful consideration of space and decor. The living room combines soft neutral tones with plush furniture and classic wainscoting, creating an inviting environment for intimate gatherings. The dining area mirrors this elegance with reflective surfaces and rich wooden textures. Notably, the master bedroom serves as a sanctuary of calm, balancing minimalism with textured artistic elements. Unique features like a concealed bar within the dining space and a spiritually resonant puja area with a brass Nataraja statue infuse the home with elements of surprise and reverence, respectively. The overall design of Ranjan Residence is a testament to refined living where every detail contributes to a cohesive and luxurious home environment.

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