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House of Shvet




May 2023

Project type

architecture, interior design

This 12,000sqft private residence, featuring opulent simplicity, in the posh locality of SK Puri, Patna is a quintessence of modern minimalism, articulated through its clean geometric lines and monolithic forms. The asymmetrical facade, a hallmark of contemporary design, is gracefully balanced by the lush greenery of meticulously landscaped hedges. A standout feature is the bold, cantilevered upper volume, which extends over the outdoor living area, providing both shade and an architectural statement. The ground floor, enrobed in textured dark stone, grounds the structure and contrasts the stark white of the upper levels, creating a visual dialogue between light and dark, solidity and void.

Integrated lighting accents trace the outline of the home, adding a warm glow and highlighting the precision of its angular construction. Floor-to-ceiling windows punctuate the facade, offering a glimpse into the serene interior while fostering a seamless indoor-outdoor connection. The reflection pools, a mirror-like water feature, not only adds a touch of luxury but also reflects the home’s facade, enhancing the interplay between architecture and nature. This residence is not merely a structure but a masterful convergence of art, architecture, and landscape, designed for those who appreciate the purity of modern aesthetics paired with functional elegance.

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