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818Yardley Works




November 2023

Project type

architecture, interior design

In Ahmedabad, this office building stands as an architectural symphony of motion and light. Its design carves out communal spaces for co-working that encourage a free flow of ideas and collaboration. The sinuous lines of the structure's exterior make it a standout landmark, a beacon of modernity and creativity. By day, the building's white ribbon-like facades reflect the sun's rays, highlighting the purity of its form, while at night, it becomes a luminous sculpture with strategically placed lighting that outlines its graceful curves.

The interior spaces are designed with versatility in mind, adaptable for various professional gatherings and individual workspaces. It's a habitat for innovation, where the organic curves foster a natural movement, guiding occupants through a fluid journey from one space to another. Large, open terraces serve as communal hubs, offering panoramic views of the cityscape, while the ground floor's glass walls dissolve the boundary between indoors and out, inviting the bustling city life into the serene work environment. This office building is not just a structure but a living entity, poised to become the heart of Ahmedabad's business community.

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